my birthday gift

You’ve got a job

My first 3D experience. I loved it. I still continue this tradition: to enjoy an animation alone.

♪ Hiro Hamada

♪ Nerd school

♪ Microbots

I Can Watch Her Eyes Too

The Isis Shrine had a vast amount of farmlands and countless slaves.


era interesant la inceput, acum e boooriiiiiiiiing, that’s why i don’t read novels

The Secret of Duc

Every kingdom that conquered Syah would inform Duc about the change of regime and the will to keep the town unchanged, including the tributary relationship. The new ruler would still send troops to garrison the stations along the courier route, collect taxes and protect passengers. Every ruler knew that the cost of conquering Duc was too high. It was not worth sending a legion to kill or enslave a town of miners. What the ruling kingdom needed from Duc was its constant capacity of iron and parangon production, which could be guaranteed by maintaining minimal control.

The place Duc occupied was unique. To its north was the Syah plateau, the lower part of which were the parangon and iron mines. The rest was high mountains that were impossible to cross. To the east were mountains as well. The indigenous people there still lived in caves and jungles. Beyond the mountains was the great canyon of Euphrates.

Another unique thing of Duc was that there were no slaves in this town. All the people in Duc were common freemen except two noblemen: Dusti and Shog. The reason was simple: no slave could touch a parangon. If a slave touched a parangon, then he would lose a finger for each parangon he had touched. But a similar law that was implemented in the surrounding states was neglected in this town: no slave could learn body arts and only a noble man could learn the divine magic. Plebeians who learn the dinive magic were regarded as an offense to the gods and would receive severe punishments by the shrines.

12 To the Manor Born

Lord Rod Drick knew well that no one in the escort had higher achievement in the body arts than he did. He had already reached the [sixth level], one step away from the legendary [Great Warriors].



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