Please Always Remember These Three Things

ce s-a intimplat? brusc s-a oprit sa cinte! si a trecut direct la Oblivion

you hear me calling

in your dreams

you see me falling

waiting for a sign

Nietzsche had travelled to a lot of different cities on this continent. He had experienced many wars. After becoming a great sorcerer, he had coldly observed quite a lot of wars and had secretly and elaborately gathered the statistics on the casualties, in which he found an anomaly that he had never noticed. The death rate of the first-level warriors in the long-lasting fights was a little high. It was lower than that of the common warriors, but significantly higher than that of the second-level and third-level warriors, which was disproportionate to the amount of power they had. For instance, in a war that had involved tens of thousands of people, the total death rate of the common warriors on both sides was thirty-five percents, and the death rate of the first-level warriors was twenty-two percent. Meanwhile, the death rate of the second-level warriors was seven percent and that of the third-level warriors was five percent.

the first-level warriors did not have an enormous difference in strength and skills compared to second-level warriors. Why would there have been such a great gap between the death rates?

many well-skilled first-level warriors tended to get “sick” during long-lasting battles and suffered a lot from pain. Many even suffered from their previously recovered wounds again. This phenomenon was easy to be overlooked on the battlefield. If the patients had a strong will and an outstanding body, then they would probably survive. And most of those who survived, luckily became the second-level warriors.

the second-level warriors had always suffered some kind of physical discomfort before they ascended to the second level. People usually thought that was normal during the training, since a commoner’s body could not coordinate with the explosive strength, and needed a great effort to overcome the pain and fatigue so as to achieve the next level.

Those who did not have a robust body would not pass it.

The first-level warriors fought on the front lines most of the time. They were hardly noblemen but merely commoners who had learned the body arts by chance and were therefore enlisted. They had to appear in the fiercest of fights, longing for military exploits to promote their rank. So, a higher death rate did not draw that much attention.


Prepare to Attack

My Best Work

A Thirty-year-old Decree

An Amazing Cat: Part 1

Watchpoint: Gibraltar

An Amazing Cat (Completed)

Behind the Mountains Are Higher Mountains (part 1)

Amon couldn’t negotiate with the cat.


A Future Worth Fighting For

nu inteleg ce e cu reboot… parca era in regula

boring bowing, nu mai citesc, mi-a ajuns

אינתה_דאיימן hing :(, xp nu indrazneste sa-mi recunoasca chinese characters hing again

Ainth_daiimn kinda translation

שרית_חדד_-_בורא_עולם bora aolam > thedogeatmeat

shalom> peace

bora olam creatorul universului kinda

Thanks that because of you I have a warm home

/// linia melodica

אדון הסליחות

בוחן לבבות

גולה עמוקות

דובר צדקות>>>>The Master of Forgivenesses


Arabic and Hebrew are very closely related languages. You can see the common concept in these two nearly-identical words. At some point, they split off, with Hebrew expanding the concept of the word חג to mean any holiday or celebration.

حج (hahj)/חַג (hahg) pilgrimage

שיר ערש

There, go to sleep, little soldier

feedback: ebraica e mai usoara decit araba, scrisul ebraic parca-i puzzle

kinda: bore olam, vasham, An aslam, erah, israh, olam ha, shalom, benadam, vasham, altish, israh>israel

shinti shan,itish>idish, imakam, hhhhhhhhhhhh, avar, ish katan, id…, mot…., or…., tazman,

ebraica are vocale 

il au si pe “u”




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