BaiLan Princess

anti-import measures are simultaneously anti-export measuures: they rise the prices of the imported inputs that would be exporters need for the manufacture of their goods.

makinf home market more profitable

General Park took power and seized control of the banks.

cheap money helps borrowers(big firms), hurts savers(individuals), and encourages capital-intensive production, thus cutting employment growth.

th eborrowers were export-oriented groups that quickly grew into gigantic family-owned conglomerates>c-h-a-e-b-o-l>>>>1961-1979

3-seong>>>semiconductoare, textile,aerosppace,sugar processing

’80>>>21%monopol, 56% oligopol


dictatura militara, pericol din Nord dupa ce Generalul Park a fost killed

R&D>>>research and development parks Taiwaaaaaaan 1990 basic high-tech research that individual firms have trouble financing or whose coststhey cannot recapture through sales of their own products.







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